Materials change the future.

A single material increases our value.


Infinite development, infinite impression

Gathering the best researchers to develop leading materials


A company leading the way in future battery materials

We research and develop key materials of lithium secondary batteries for electric cars, ESS (employee self-service), etc.

About us
About us


New Technology

NEWTECH LiB is a company producing anode materials for lithium secondary batteries. We are producing and continuously researching and developing products based on silicon such as Si, SiOx and Si-C.

Manufacturing technology

Manufacturing Technology of NEWTECH LiB

Si nano-powder manufacturing

Si nano-powder manufacturing using a dry/wet method

Cost price reduction

Low process cost and high productivity

high capacity and carbon composite

Irreversible characteristic strengthening by high capacity and carbon composite

Almost minimized

Secure minimization of risks during the process

Fundamental properties of a material

Possessing fundamental properties of a process and a material

NEWTECH LiB, a global leader in anode materials

We create a workplace where employees can realize their dreams and worth by impressing customers through producing infinite products.
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